In 3 Months I Realized 133.3% Return On Investment With

2010 August 25
by admin

Cherie L. Degon, CPA, MBA

I began my marketing program with in May 2010. At that time I enrolled in a six month program which included a guarantee that I would obtain referrals that would result in accounting, audit or tax revenues in excess of the programs cost. I elected to “test the waters” by enrolling in a small program costing $1,500 for the six month term.

In the 3 months that I have participated with I have received 8 referrals resulting in 1 new non-profit audit client with first year fees of $3,500. I have a signed engagement letter and have already received information necessary to proceed with the audit work. This is a $2,000 gain on investment and 133.3% return on investment (ROI) and 529% Simple Annualized ROI!! Not to mention that I anticipate that I will continue to earn a minimum of $3,500 annually from this client and expect to receive additional business from in the remaining 3 months of my initial program term.

Other methods that I have used to generate new clients include: referrals, mass mailers, craigslist, Chamber of Commerce, Affiliated programs with Quickbooks, Intuit ProAdvisor,,, and LinkedIn. None of these methods have yielded a higher return on my investment than my experience with

Admittedly, 7 of the 8 referrals that I received from did not result in new clients however; the purpose of the site is to drive traffic to my firm. I do not expect that every lead will result in new business. Let’s face it, not every mailer yields new clients, you do not get every engagement that you apply for on craigslist, you do not get new clients from every “business card exchange” you attend with the Chamber, etc., etc.

I would recommend and will be renewing my program with them.

Cherie L. Degon, CPA, MBA
Oreland, PA

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