“I don’t know anywhere else you can invest $5,000 dollars and get back $35,000 in annual billings,”

2010 May 15

Sole Practitioner Richard Hayes Bills $80,000 To First Two Clients Referred By GoodAccountants.com

I don’t know anywhere else you can invest $5,000 dollars and get back $35,000 dollars in annual billings. I’ve earned eighty grand in total from the first two clients that I received from GoodAccountants.com. My return on investment in the case of the first client I landed from them was seven times my investment. We have signed commitments for $80,000 dollars in billings just from two introductions to two companies referred to us by GoodAccountants.com within weeks after we became members.

Had I bought a practice for $80,000 dollars or had I bought these two clients from another practitioner they would have cost me $80,000 or even $100,000 or more. Frankly it makes sense that it seems too good to be true because the return on investment for me has been terrific. I think what I’ve learned from this process is people are looking for accountants in non traditional ways and they’re using the Internet.

I immediately upgraded to their $25,000 marketing program which guarantees me a minimum of $75,000 in annualized billing for a 3 to 1 return on investment.

GoodAccountants.com is very helpful to business owners as well as they are non-threatening to them and so they don’t get the feeling they’re being sold anything as they would if they were approached directly by the accounting firm.

What GoodAccountants has done is they’ve created a presence in the business place and when a client has decided to make a change which is the key, and they see the GoodAccountants.com presence and they go to GoodAccountants and they say ‘we need someone to help us find a really good accountant,’ that’s very different than a referral from a friend or business associate that may or may not be a good match for your practice, It’s because they’re not being solicited or sold, they’ve decided to make the change on their own and they’ve gone to GoodAccountants.com which is what makes the meeting so pleasant, so effective, because the client is ready to commit to make the change to a new accountant. I think the presence that GoodAccountants.com has is the value they bring to the table which your average practitioner just can’t generate….that presence in the marketplace.

Richard F. Hayes, CPAhayescpa.net

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