Reviewed By 90-Year Old Accounting Firm

2016 September 27

John A. Knutson & Company is entering its sixth year as a member of and has just committed an additional $25,000 with GoodAccountants to continue providing marketing services on behalf of the firm. This amount represents only a portion of the financial commitment the firm has made with over the past five and a half years….[Read Full Story]

Tom Crayton, CPA; Reviews GoodAccountants

2015 April 20

Thomas Crayton, a Certified Public Accountant based in Stafford, Texas, says he has collected more than $248,000 over a three and a half year period from clients he has obtained from since September 7, 2011…[Read Full Story]

Review: Found Us The Perfect Accountant

2015 April 17


First off I want to thank you so so much. I just got out of the meeting with David Roitblat and I don’t need to interview or meet any further. His team is absolutely PERFECT for us and I will be signing his contract today for someone to begin with us in office part time and move to full time eventually.

I love that they work in the same way we do, their processes, project management systems and that he understand business operations in general even from the marketing standpoint. I am looking forward to having our new team member in house and truly wanted to thank you for listening to my needs and sending me a quality fit right out of the gate.

Monique Tatum
Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR
New York, NY

Georgia World Congress Center Reviews

2014 March 13

Georgia World Congress Center

The fourth largest convention center in the United States has selected accountants referred to them by to perform their annual audits. The 21-acre Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) are state-owned facilities and are among the largest combined sports, entertainment and convention center facilities in the world. The Convention Center is consistently ranked as one of North America’s leading exhibition and meeting facilities and is among thousands of large corporations and Fortune 500 Companies that use to find their accountants.

GWCC officials contacted earlier this year to find new auditors to replace their former auditors, Ernst and Young. The lucrative multi-year engagement has been won by Wilson Lewis, Certified Public Accountants based in Atlanta, Georgia. “We were delighted to take on this engagement to find the right audit firm for the folks at GWCC says Johanna Laurent, President of “We are so pleased they concurred with us that Wilson Lewis are the perfect auditors for them,” says Laurent. is the nation’s fastest growing accounting service, with an estimated four thousand accounting firms across the country that have become members of their network. For more information about click here.

Accountant Who Earns Seventy Thousand Dollars On Five Thousand Investment Reviews

2014 February 27

Stephen Cromwell is a certified public accountant whose practice is based in College Park, Maryland. He officially joined, the nation’s fastest growing online accounting service, on January 12, 2013 upon purchasing a six-month membership for $5,000. Two days later, Cromwell met his first referred client from, a ten-year old, IT security company, in need of three years of 401K audits for which they would pay a total of $27,000. Shortly after meeting with the prospective client, to his dismay, Cromwell would learn his firm would not be retained to perform the audits. The unwelcomed news would cause him to question his decision to invest $5,000 in a marketing program which was something he had never done. Feeling as though he had made a terrible mistake and in fear of losing his investment, Cromwell decided to ask his credit card company to refund his $5,000 but luckily for him they would deny his request which resulted in more than $70,000 in engagements for his firm from the very next audit client that was referred by “Unfortunately, I think accountants tend to be very skeptical of things in general,” says Cromwell in retrospect. [ read more ]

Five Thousand Dollars For Membership Is The Right Price. Here’s Why.

2010 September 12
by admin

Matt Brady, CPA

The $5,000 investment I made with was well worth-while as it has returned me in the last 3 months alone $15,000 dollars worth of annualized billings. In the last couple of months I’ve retained three what I would consider to be large clients from  I’ve retained a title and tag service company that does annual revenues close to $3 million dollars a year.  I’ve retained a daycare and elementary private school that also does revenues between $2 and $3 million dollars and I’ve retained a private clinical evaluator that has some personal and corporate tax needs. I think a $5,000 dollar investment with a return of $15,000 to $20,000 dollars of annualized billings is well worth it. If I could say at the beginning of the year that my $5,000 dollars was going to return me $15,000 to $20,000 dollars of annualized billings, I’d do it every day and twice on Sunday.

Jagtiani & Kommareddy CPAs Bills $75,000 Using

2010 September 12
by admin came to our rescue.  Many of our other clients have packed up and gone out of business but we actually increased our overall billings during this same period of time as a result of all the clients we’ve landed from  We’ve gotten a variety of clients from them ranging from 1040′s to a $12 million dollar commercial landscaping company based in San Pedro, California with more than100 employees. We recently engaged a $6 million, 25 year old, food safety and nutrition company based in Westlake Village, California from that has become a $25,000 dollar annual client of ours.  Their bookkeeper of more than 20 years had retired so they contacted for a replacement but were advised by Patty Schoenfeld of GoodAccountants that our firm could do the same work for them on an outsourced basis more cost effectively so they agreed to retain us. The folks at are for real and they have worked very hard to match us with the type of clients we look for.

When we first joined GoodAccountants we started to get worried because the first six months did not produce stellar results for us but then we suddenly began engaging much bigger clients from them. Marketing is something you have to commit to just as you commit to a particular profession; you don’t stop being a doctor because you may have lost your first patient. We’re so glad we kept renewing our membership because now we are seeing a two to three times return on our investment in the first year alone and the clients are staying with us year after year.So we recently decided to upgrade to their $25,000 marketing program which guarantees us $75,000 in billing.

To use the word ‘love’ is pretty strong however when somebody is giving you the kind of clients they’re giving us then we have to say we love

I Just Engaged My First Thirty-Thousand Dollar Client From

2010 September 12
by admin

Spending $5,000 dollars for the opportunity to meet with a potential client is not as fool hearted as it might sound. I basically received a phone call about a $7 million dollar medical equipment and supply company that was looking for a new accounting firm to outsource all of their accounting work to. We’re accustomed to receiving client referrals from other clients of ours who are happy with our work and not from a marketing firm however I now have a contractual $30,000 dollar yearly billing engagement with a great client referred to me by and believe it or not I just sent them another $5,000 dollars today

.This is a great way to build an accounting practice and I also get to write off the $5,000 dollar membership fee as a marketing expense.

In 3 Months I Realized 133.3% Return On Investment With

2010 August 25
by admin

Cherie L. Degon, CPA, MBA

I began my marketing program with in May 2010. At that time I enrolled in a six month program which included a guarantee that I would obtain referrals that would result in accounting, audit or tax revenues in excess of the programs cost. I elected to “test the waters” by enrolling in a small program costing $1,500 for the six month term.

In the 3 months that I have participated with I have received 8 referrals resulting in 1 new non-profit audit client with first year fees of $3,500. I have a signed engagement letter and have already received information necessary to proceed with the audit work. This is a $2,000 gain on investment and 133.3% return on investment (ROI) and 529% Simple Annualized ROI!! Not to mention that I anticipate that I will continue to earn a minimum of $3,500 annually from this client and expect to receive additional business from in the remaining 3 months of my initial program term.

Other methods that I have used to generate new clients include: referrals, mass mailers, craigslist, Chamber of Commerce, Affiliated programs with Quickbooks, Intuit ProAdvisor,,, and LinkedIn. None of these methods have yielded a higher return on my investment than my experience with

Admittedly, 7 of the 8 referrals that I received from did not result in new clients however; the purpose of the site is to drive traffic to my firm. I do not expect that every lead will result in new business. Let’s face it, not every mailer yields new clients, you do not get every engagement that you apply for on craigslist, you do not get new clients from every “business card exchange” you attend with the Chamber, etc., etc.

I would recommend and will be renewing my program with them.

Cherie L. Degon, CPA, MBA
Oreland, PA

“I don’t know anywhere else you can invest $5,000 dollars and get back $35,000 in annual billings,”

2010 May 15

Sole Practitioner Richard Hayes Bills $80,000 To First Two Clients Referred By

I don’t know anywhere else you can invest $5,000 dollars and get back $35,000 dollars in annual billings. I’ve earned eighty grand in total from the first two clients that I received from My return on investment in the case of the first client I landed from them was seven times my investment. We have signed commitments for $80,000 dollars in billings just from two introductions to two companies referred to us by within weeks after we became members.

Had I bought a practice for $80,000 dollars or had I bought these two clients from another practitioner they would have cost me $80,000 or even $100,000 or more. Frankly it makes sense that it seems too good to be true because the return on investment for me has been terrific. I think what I’ve learned from this process is people are looking for accountants in non traditional ways and they’re using the Internet.

I immediately upgraded to their $25,000 marketing program which guarantees me a minimum of $75,000 in annualized billing for a 3 to 1 return on investment. is very helpful to business owners as well as they are non-threatening to them and so they don’t get the feeling they’re being sold anything as they would if they were approached directly by the accounting firm.

What GoodAccountants has done is they’ve created a presence in the business place and when a client has decided to make a change which is the key, and they see the presence and they go to GoodAccountants and they say ‘we need someone to help us find a really good accountant,’ that’s very different than a referral from a friend or business associate that may or may not be a good match for your practice, It’s because they’re not being solicited or sold, they’ve decided to make the change on their own and they’ve gone to which is what makes the meeting so pleasant, so effective, because the client is ready to commit to make the change to a new accountant. I think the presence that has is the value they bring to the table which your average practitioner just can’t generate….that presence in the marketplace.

Richard F. Hayes,